Spicy Grilled Catfish from ye ole Cracker Barrel

Before anyone sends me an email, I am well aware that Cracker Barrel is not Fast Food technically.  However, it is really good and I eat there a lot.  Now these restaurants are pretty much across the country except for you poor people in CA; no Cracker Barrel for you, sorry.  But if you quickly leave the state or drive anywhere else in the country, you will probably not have to go to far on any interstate to find one.

Now of course they serve all kinds of different foods from pancakes to country fried steak to anything and everything else you could possibly think of country cooking wise, all which is very tasty I might add.

However, Cracker Barrel also has a low carb menu.

I often get the Spicy Grilled Catfish. (Two farm raised Catfish fillets served with your choice of three sides. 0 net carbs – plus carbs in side items). It comes with two, count them, two pieces of grilled catfish filets and three sides.  I chose the tossed salad with Ranch dressing and turnip greens, which have to be some of the best you will get and then I usually get the fried okra which obviously is not very low carb, but so what, they are good.  But they do have a couple of other choices that are specifically low carb.  Sometimes, they will also have a special vegetable not always offered so ask about that.

The catfish has a really, really good taste and I could eat about 4 or 5 pieces just because it is so good but the two generally fills me up, especially after the extra sides.

Now if you are sticking to the hard core paleo, be sure to say Nooo to the biscuits or corn bread, which I know from personal experience is very difficult.   Get a water which is free of course or an un-sweet tea and you are all set.
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The whole meal comes in under $10 bucks which isn’t that bad, especially for the amount of food you get.

Note: If you don’t want three sides, here is a little secret.  Tell the waitress you only want two sides and they will reduce your bill.  Also, if you want additional proteinage via an extra piece of fish, ask the waitress and they can add that as well.  Most people don’t ask for either of these usually but it is available.

The break down on the Spicy Grilled Catfish from Cracker Barrel:

Spicy Grilled Catfish (2 pieces)- Calories – 240   Carbs -2   Protein – 34
Turnip Greens - has pieces of ham – Calories – 98 Carbs – 7 Protein – 4
Side Salad - Calories – 30 Carbs – 6 Protein – 2  Ranch - 3 carbs
Fried Okra - Calories – 105 Carbs – 16 Protein – 3
Or instead of okra, sub something else :)
Total it up – Calories – 473, Carbs – 34, Protein – 43

I love me some Cracker Barrel or as my 2 year old calls it Crack Barrel but I hate me some golf tee triangle. Enjoy!

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