In-N-Out Burger West Coast Paleo Style

Recently, I went to visit my brother in Long Beach, CA. Before I left, I had a friend who is from CA, Richard Rigor of Crossfit Birmingham, tell me to hit up an In -N- Out Burger while I was out there.
Now apparently In N Out Burgers are only a west cost thing and these things are just about on every other corner filled with tons of people. Their thing is burgers and fries with a very limited menu and the stuff is good.
But you might not know that they have a pretty paleo item that they serve. Now don’t look for it in the store, because you may or may not find it, but it’s there none the less.

Now never have eaten at an In-N- Out, I had to try one of the not-so-paleo versions and let me just say that it was extremely good.

But enough of that- now to the paleo version. The paleo-esque version is called the Protein Style- “Your favorite burger hand-wrapped in leafed lettuce, instead of bun.”  It is on their website, check out the link. By the way, the food is way cheap.

Protein StylePhoto provided by SanFranAnnie.

You can basically get any of their burgers Protein Style- just ask.  Here is the breakdown for the regular Hamburger and the Double Double.

Double Double
Calories 520
Carbs 11
Protein 33

Calories 240
Carbs 11
Protein 13

Get an unsweet tea, dump the fries if you can resist and you have a pretty paleo fast food meal.

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2 Responses to In-N-Out Burger West Coast Paleo Style

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  2. Love it, pretty rare to find good paleo fast food! They do have great food, they cut everything fresh each day, very tasty. Being from the Midwest I wasn’t aware of them until I moved to AZ. If you aren’t familiar with them, give them a shot if you are ever on the west coast!

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