Fast Food That Is Paleo, Yummy, Healthy and Nutritious!

Ok, so eating paleo can be difficult sometimes, we know that. Especially when you are out and about, are on the road, are at work, and so on. But you still want to eat paleo and healthy right? Whether you are a health nut, crossfitter, or fit into some other diet category, this is where you can get some ideas.

I have found some great paleo and “paleoesque” low carb food over the last year that is perfect for those of you in the same situation as me.

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Bacon Fun

“Mr. Bacon – Bendable and lot’s of fun, whenever fun is needed.” 

Words to live by.

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Wendy’s New Berry Almond Chicken Salad put to the paleo test

Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad

Today we are trying the new Wendy’s New Berry Almond Chicken Salad and to see if it passes the Paleo Fast Food test or not.
Let me say that Wendy’s has marketed this salad well. In fact, I added a video here about the strawberries that are supposedly used in this salad. I keep seeing the spots about Berryville or whatever. Cute. But didn’t make me want to try the salad, specifically.

That being said, the salad is about the same size as Wendy’s other salads and the salad here had a fair amount of strawberries and blueberries. I guess we will never know if these strawberries come from the guy in the video or not but really does it matter when you are at a fast food joint.
The best part of the salad was having the almonds; especially from a paleo stand point plus I think it really improved the taste and quality overall. Without them, the salad is so so.

They loaded me up with two packets of their “Fat Free” Raspberry Vinaigrette- I only used a little bit of one and drizzled it over the salad. It taste pretty sweet as expected.( 5o cal. and 12 carbs per packet).
They also add Asiago Cheese but it wasn’t a ton so I fished it out. The cheese kind of reminded me of Bubble Tape chewing gum- that’s what it looked like anyway.
All in all the salad was fair to good in my opinion. Just one man’s opinion- but then again, it is fast food so I guess you probably won’t have your hopes up to high.

I would recommend you give it a try if you are in quick need of a paleo meal.

Total cost- $6.81– I drank water with it. You can always go unsweet tea as well.

Here is the break out without the dressing- the numbers do include the Asiago Cheese so if you don’t eat that, take it into consideration:
Calories – 150
Carbs – 14
Protein – 8
Click here for the full break out.
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Here are the videos about the salad.

Get a real taste of summer today at Wendy’s. Try the new Berry Almond Chicken Salad topped with plump blueberries and hand-cut strawberries picked at the peak of season. It’s served with grilled, whole chicken breast, Asiago cheese, roasted almonds, and natural fat-free raspberry vinaigrette. But hurry in — it’s only here for a limited time. And try it with new Wild Berry Tea served ice cold and infused with a puree of real raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries.”

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Zaxby’s “The Blue” Salad/ Zalad

So we enter into the world of fast food once again, this time to Zaxby’s, more famously know for their chicken fingers and fries and some tasty little sauce you can dip everything into; but that’s not real paleo now is it.  So forget I mentioned that.
To the more paleo-esque menu as we look at their salads, or as they call them Zalads.

Let me start by saying, and I already know the answer but I ask anyway, how come my picture never looks like what they have on the website.  Geez already.

So I went for “The Blue” salad – all in all very good to be honest.  The blackened chicken was pretty tasty.  It does have blue cheese on it and there wasn’t a lot of scooping it off but it wasn’t a ton and I did manage to avoid some of it.  And when you order, ask them if they can hold the blue cheese, which I failed to do.  I went with the Mediterranean dressing.  There are also some tiny little fried onion thingys that give a crunchy thing going on but there were not very many on my salad; you may could ask them to hold that off as well. Sometimes this stuff is already pre-mixed, sometimes not.  Of course, say NO to the Texas Toast.

Here is the official description: Mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, roma tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, fried onions, and Buffalo Fingerz® or blackened chicken, with Texas toast.  Dressings: Ranch, Lite Ranch, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese, 1000 Island, Honey French, Mediterranean, Caesar, Lite Vinaigrette, Citrus Vinaigrette.

I will say that it wasn’t a ton of food and I am not a big eater but I wasn’t totally stuffed, probably because they expect people to fill up on the Texas Toast.  So keep in mind that you might want to order an extra piece of chicken and tell them to hold the toast.  I also got an un-leaded tea to wash everything down.

They also give you two dressings but I just used one as it was plenty.

And now, the break down which is what we are waiting for: (drum roll)

Calories without the dressing: 225 (if you can manage not to eat the fried onions or blue cheese crumbles- if you do, be prepared to double this number easily.)

Carbs: 5.0g

Protein: 37.0g

Mediterranean Dressing (1 packet) calories: 140       carbs: 4g
Grand Total - Calories: 365     Carbs: 9.0g   Protein: 37g

Pretty darn tootin good, huh.  Alright now you nutritional fit freaks, go enjoy yourselves.

If you have any good fast food ideas or would like me to give something a try,  post on the Paleo Fast Food Facebook Fan Page.

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Spicy Grilled Catfish from ye ole Cracker Barrel

Before anyone sends me an email, I am well aware that Cracker Barrel is not Fast Food technically.  However, it is really good and I eat there a lot.  Now these restaurants are pretty much across the country except for you poor people in CA; no Cracker Barrel for you, sorry.  But if you quickly leave the state or drive anywhere else in the country, you will probably not have to go to far on any interstate to find one.

Now of course they serve all kinds of different foods from pancakes to country fried steak to anything and everything else you could possibly think of country cooking wise, all which is very tasty I might add.

However, Cracker Barrel also has a low carb menu.

I often get the Spicy Grilled Catfish. (Two farm raised Catfish fillets served with your choice of three sides. 0 net carbs – plus carbs in side items). It comes with two, count them, two pieces of grilled catfish filets and three sides.  I chose the tossed salad with Ranch dressing and turnip greens, which have to be some of the best you will get and then I usually get the fried okra which obviously is not very low carb, but so what, they are good.  But they do have a couple of other choices that are specifically low carb.  Sometimes, they will also have a special vegetable not always offered so ask about that.

The catfish has a really, really good taste and I could eat about 4 or 5 pieces just because it is so good but the two generally fills me up, especially after the extra sides.

Now if you are sticking to the hard core paleo, be sure to say Nooo to the biscuits or corn bread, which I know from personal experience is very difficult.   Get a water which is free of course or an un-sweet tea and you are all set.
Acai Berry Select Weight Loss
The whole meal comes in under $10 bucks which isn’t that bad, especially for the amount of food you get.

Note: If you don’t want three sides, here is a little secret.  Tell the waitress you only want two sides and they will reduce your bill.  Also, if you want additional proteinage via an extra piece of fish, ask the waitress and they can add that as well.  Most people don’t ask for either of these usually but it is available.

The break down on the Spicy Grilled Catfish from Cracker Barrel:

Spicy Grilled Catfish (2 pieces)- Calories – 240   Carbs -2   Protein – 34
Turnip Greens - has pieces of ham – Calories – 98 Carbs – 7 Protein – 4
Side Salad - Calories – 30 Carbs – 6 Protein – 2  Ranch - 3 carbs
Fried Okra - Calories – 105 Carbs – 16 Protein – 3
Or instead of okra, sub something else :)
Total it up – Calories – 473, Carbs – 34, Protein – 43

I love me some Cracker Barrel or as my 2 year old calls it Crack Barrel but I hate me some golf tee triangle. Enjoy!

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In-N-Out Burger West Coast Paleo Style

Recently, I went to visit my brother in Long Beach, CA. Before I left, I had a friend who is from CA, Richard Rigor of Crossfit Birmingham, tell me to hit up an In -N- Out Burger while I was out there.
Now apparently In N Out Burgers are only a west cost thing and these things are just about on every other corner filled with tons of people. Their thing is burgers and fries with a very limited menu and the stuff is good.
But you might not know that they have a pretty paleo item that they serve. Now don’t look for it in the store, because you may or may not find it, but it’s there none the less.

Now never have eaten at an In-N- Out, I had to try one of the not-so-paleo versions and let me just say that it was extremely good.

But enough of that- now to the paleo version. The paleo-esque version is called the Protein Style- “Your favorite burger hand-wrapped in leafed lettuce, instead of bun.”  It is on their website, check out the link. By the way, the food is way cheap.

Protein StylePhoto provided by SanFranAnnie.

You can basically get any of their burgers Protein Style- just ask.  Here is the breakdown for the regular Hamburger and the Double Double.

Double Double
Calories 520
Carbs 11
Protein 33

Calories 240
Carbs 11
Protein 13

Get an unsweet tea, dump the fries if you can resist and you have a pretty paleo fast food meal.

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Paleo Fast Food Breakfast

Find more videos like this on CrossFit Birmingham

Great paleo fast food breakfast, low carb, that Richard Rigor at Crossfit Birmingham posted.

Chik-fil-A Breakfast

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BK Garden Salad – Paleo Fast Food

What we have here, is failure to communicate. Just kidding. But I did double check the bag this time before driving off to make sure that the dressing was in the bag.  Guess what, it wasn’t, so remember to do that- nothing is worse than a paleo fast food salad, dry.

First things first.  This salad has this cool little plastic compartment tray that breaks out the cheese and veggies.  Perfect for paleo friendly food. That way you don’t have to fish it out. I wish the other places would do this.

The salad is actually pretty good.  What makes it is the grilled chicken believe or not and KEN’S® Salad Dressing- I chose the ranch.  The chicken also comes in a separate insulated type bag which is good if you aren’t eating it right away, because it stays warm and doesn’t get the salad all nasty.  The chicken had a decent flavor to be from Burger King.  The salad dressing is what helps the salad actually taste pretty good.  The have 5 different dressings, including two ranches- one regular and one not so regular.  Basically one has fewer calories and more carbs and the other is vice versa.

Here is the Burger King web site description: Season-ripe lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes topped with grilled chicken, three kinds of cheese, and your choice of KEN’S® Salad Dressing. TENDERGRILL™ is the salad for grilled-chicken lovers.

7 out of 10 on the paleo fast food scale.

Without the dressing but includes the cheese, because their site doesn’t break it out, so less on the carbs and calories minus the cheese:

Calories – 300
Protein- 35
Carbs – 18

For a complete break down:

Total was less than $5 Bucks!  I also threw in an un-sweet tea or you can get a bottled water or cup of water.  I am thinking you can also add more chicken for a buck or two which I didn’t do.

So in review.  Good tasting, low carb, low calorie, low cost, healthy paleo fast food/ salad.

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Bacon Ranch Salad from the big arches

Ok- I hit up the Golden Arches today for the first time in a while.  Ordered the Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken.  It was ok.  The chicken was pretty good and the salad overall wasn’t to bad.  The bacon was pretty much ole school bacon bits.  There was hardly any cheese on the salad so that wasn’t a problem.

However, it would have probably have been better if they would have remembered to add the “RANCH”. So in other words, by the time I got to eating it, because I got it to go, I realized I was missing the dressing. Oh well. Ate it anyway of course and it wasn’t too bad.

I would give it a 5 out of 10 on taste.  I will say that it is not a ton of food, so you may want to consider that and add an extra piece of chicken if they will let you or go somewhere else.

But for a quick paleo fast food fix, this will do it. Too bad the salad I got didn’t look like what they have on the mickey dees web site pictured below.

I ordered an un-sweet tea which was only $1 so the total came out to be $6.88.

Calories – 210
Carbs – 11g
Protein – 30g

If you want the whole run down, here is the link.

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Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad – paleo friendly fast food

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

First of all- this salad was TIGHT!!! Really really good.  Now that that’s out of the way.  I decided to hit up Wendy’s today.  Usually hate their food- probably my least favorite fast food joint.   But I had heard that they have good salads so I rolled the dice- it was a good bet for sure.

Chicken had a good flavor- could have used a bit more if you ask me.  You also get pecans in a little packet that you can sprinkle on- was tempted to eat them but I passed due to an allergy.

If you ask as you are ordering, they may hold the Blue Cheese crumbles- or if you forget, like I did, just fish them out if you want to.

They give you 2 packets of Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing- you could also just use 1 packet and cut the carbs down by 8 and the calories down by 60.  I used both ; )

These below numbers include the Blue Cheese Crumbles because there is no way to pull it off there web site- it’s calculated in with the lettuce.  So if you remove them, it should tweak the numbers a tad.

Carbs – 50
Protein – 38
Cal – 580

Going to give this one an easy 8 out 10 rating for taste.  Portion size was really pretty descent as well. I would recommend this salad for sure.

Iceberg, Romaine and Spring Mix, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Dried Cranberries, Apple Chunks.

Here are the rest of the facts if you want them.

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